Dear Users,

We unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to remove our app from the iTunes Store. Originally launched in 2011, we were happy to see that was used by thousands of you over the years to share your location with friends and loved ones. We didn't make any money off of the app but were glad to provide the service for you. But a lot has changed since the early days of apps and the quality of our app has not kept up with the expectations of our users. Since we could not justify devoting more resources to renovating the application, we have decided to stop offering the app to new users.

What does this mean for existing users? The app will continue to function for the forseeable future. You will be able to create new links to your location and other app users will be able to share back with you. However, while new users will be able to see your location in a web browser, they will not be able to download the app and view your location within the app. Although we are not allowing new users to the app, we will keep the service running as long as we can so you can continue to use it for many months to come.

Thank you for using our app and we hope that you have enjoyed using as much as we enjoyed developing it for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us in the form below.

Sincerely, the Team