Share Your Location with Friends. Temporarily. Privately.

Available on the App Store for iOS (Android coming soon!)


Share your location with anyone

Share With Anyone

Send a link to your location viewable by anyone. Or quickly share with friends that have the app installed.

Arrival Time

Your friends can see how much time you'll take to arrive either to your location or to their chosen destination.

Efficient Power Usage

Your GPS is only accessed occasionally unless the app detects that your location is being viewed at that time.

Group Sharing

Friends with the app can share back to create a temporary group to coordinate arrivals.


Chat functionality built right in, so now matter how you invited your friends, they can communicate directly.

Automatic Shut-off

Includes an option to automatically stop sharing once you arrive at your destination or friend.


Click to start sharing, select your friends, hit Send. You're on your way!

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